Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014


I will say this in advance: I have no idea how blogging works. 

I believe this summer is going to be crucial to me as a Youmu-player. Not because of an impeding improvement, but because in the current state of things, it's very demotivating to play. Back at home in Austria, I have my very big screen that gets filled out by the game(s) perfectly. I don't know how big it actually is, but it should be around 75cm diagonally, possibly more. It makes seeing bullets and gaps easy on the eyes and actually allows me to read things I shouldn't be able to (HMD supergraze being a fantastic example for this). On the other hand, the screen I have for the summer is only around two-thirds as big and has awful dimensions for Touhou games - the screen doesn't get filled out and I have those disgusting black bars left and right of the game. It makes playing frustrating because I am performing like a dumbass that's new to everything. Where I want to go with this is that it's possible for me, during this summer, that I will not play, slowly recline and then just suddenly don't ever play again. To me, the possibility of "unintentionally" quitting Youmu-games is very real.

What I wanted to play was PoDD, but that is not going well at all. I've forgotten how to dodge, to make it short. I've stopped being able to sustain myself for the duration of a whole round while using level two spells. This might be attributable due to rust, since I haven't played the game for three months, but it doesn't feel like rust, but more like me just being really really bad. I'll continue to play PoDD, see if I can get used to the derpy screen in IN and pray I can get used to things. I would really like to not take a 2 1/2 month break for IN, but I don't know if I can help it. We'll see about that.

So to summarize: My potential summeradventures are going to be Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream lunatic in the quest for the phantasmal 120m and Imperishable Night Extra for 3b. But only if things go well. If I can get past this summer without quitting, I can always more or less easily continue playing on my big Computer screen in Austria. I think I can get the latter before the year ends, the former is much more luck dependent, so it's much harder to say when I'll reach it, but I hope it won't elude me as 100m did for me for the longest time, which it probably will, seeing how it requires even more luck. Or skill. I am the luckiest player around, but I'm not skillful enough per se for it. Improvements have to be made before I can realistically PB in PoDD, but it will happen if I keep playing.